The BrandPromise Book Summary

The BrandPromise is the new currency for success. Author Duane Knapp reveals the five step plan for finding and making a “Genuine Promise” that anyone with commitment and integrity can follow. He shares his personal experiences and insights from advising over 400 brands worldwide and his presentations to thousands of people each year.

The BrandPromise provides insights, strategies and action plans for anyone who sincerely desires to make meaningful Promises that will inspire the loyalty of their customers and fellow associates. The BrandPromise philosophy is perfect for individuals and organizations that want to build real relationships and genuine brands that are trusted and admired.

The BrandPromise clearly explains why the Promise philosophy is paramount, and how anyone can use it to enhance the lives of their customers, associates (employees), influencers– for all of an organization’s stakeholders.

Knapp presents the science of this successful strategy in a style that’s friendly, engaging, practical, easily relatable and enhanced by private interviews with successful leaders, people from all walks of life and a variety of types and sizes of organizations.  It is visually stimulating and includes engaging charts and illustrations. Knapp elaborates with a wide variety of examples and effective Brand Profiles that illustrate the necessity and the power of the right Promise.


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“It’s more important than ever for nonprofits to make a promise. The BrandPromise provides the roadmap.”

— David Williams, President & Chief Executive Officer, Make-A-Wish Foundation of America

“Genuine Brands begin with passion and a promise; The BrandPromise is the practical guide to accomplishing both.”

— William L. Eldien, President & Chief Executive Officer, Nolet Spirits U.S.A./Ketel One Vodka

“Successful brands are built by people who understand and embrace the BrandPromise Philosophy.”

— Michael Gehrisch, President & Chief Executive Officer, Destination Marketing Association International

“If you’re really sincere about creating a personal brand, The BrandPromise is your key to success.”

— Annika Sorenstam, President, ANNIKA

“The BrandPromise methodology is fundamental for communities that strive to create exceptional destinations for visitors, businesses and residents.”

— Rick Antonson, President & Chief Executive Officer, Tourism Vancouver
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The BrandPromise methodology applies to individuals, traditional corporate and product brands, professional service firms, charitable and philanthropic organizations, member-centric businesses and associations. Brand Profiles include successful Genuine Brands such as Ketel One, Tourism Vancouver, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Destination Marketing Association International, Costco, ANNIKA (Annika Sorenstam), Callison Architecture, SAFE Credit Union, RK Dixon, and Bartell Hotels. Regardless of the organization or the situation, everyone wants a Promise.